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Annabelle is now four months old, and such an absolute joy. Everything you said about the Cavaliers is true!!! Annabelle is the happiest, most loving and most intelligent dog that I have ever had. It's truly amazing how easy she has been to train. Two days after I got her (she wasn't even 9 weeks old) I was cleaning the kitchen when I couldn't believe my eyes. This little puppy darted through the pet door out into the back yard, went to the bathroom in the grass, and ran back into the house – all on her own. She was so proud of herself. You literally can show her something one time and she understands.

Thank you for making this experience so enjoyable – from the first day that we spoke on the phone, and all the way through the process. Annabelle is all that I expected her to be and so much more. It is difficult to tell someone how magnificent these dogs are. You just have to own one to understand!!!

By the way, don't you think she looks like her daddy, Cody?

Susan Sacca (Annabelle Skipper Max) swsacca@yahoo.com

Skipper and Annabelle

I wanted to give you an update on Toby… He is doing GREAT!!!  He has been so much fun and is so sweet.  He has learned how to sit and he knows what door to go to when we say “outside”.  He is friendly to everyone and people can't get over how cute he is!  I took him to the vet today for some booster shots and the vet. assistant saw his chart w/his picture before we got there and she said she just had to come in and see him.  Everyone at the vet's office just went crazy over him and he had plenty of kisses to go around for everyone!  The vet said his is doing great.  He weighs 7.08 lbs (he gained about 2 lbs in 3 weeks) and everything checked out well and his heart sounded great.  It was his last official puppy visit before he goes back in 2 months to be fixed.  Oh, it just makes me so sad! 

We are so happy with him and LOVE Cavaliers!  You were absolutely right when you said these are such wonderful dogs.  The boys love him and I love how his is always looking for a lap to cuddle up in.  Our cat is slowly warming up to him. She even came up and sniffed his nose when I had him in my lap.  He still wants to play and run with her so she is quick to get away when he gets going. 

Anyway, that's about it.  I hope all of your precious Cav's are doing well.  I still check your website to see all of your new available pups…you've got a lot of cutie pies! 

Take care and Happy New Year!

Jeanette jnriesenberg@carolina.rr.com

Hi Becky!

I'm sorry it's been a while since I've updated you on Toby.  He is doing great!  I can hardly believe he is almost 7 months old already.  He has definitely grown out of his puppy look and is so handsome now.  What a joy he is as he loves to play and snuggle and does excellent on car trips.  We have been to Ohio twice to visit family and he didn't make a peep the whole 9 hour trip!  He's got lots of doggie cousins in Ohio so he had a ball playing with all the other dogs.  He was a little unsure about the rough and tumble nature of some of the dogs at first so he made himself comfortable in the rocking chair or found a lap to watch, and learn! 

He was neutered and re-microchiped last month and everything went really well with that.  I wanted to send you some updated pictures of him (one is with my boys).  Isn't he gorgeous?!  Whenever we have him outside, people always ask about him and how we got our hands on such a beautiful dog.  I've given several people your web site address.

Well, I hope you are doing well.  I'm sure you are staying busy!  I saw that you are expecting a couple litters in May.  That is great!  I can't wait to see pictures!  Take care and have a wonderful day!

God Bless,

Jeanette Riesenberg




Becky, I can't begin to appreciate the fates that brought us together.  I also owe you a million thanks for your part in helping me to add this addition to our family.  Kenny is the best puppy we have ever had!  I LOVE HIM!  I can tell that you have spent a great deal of time and energy in the process of "civilizing" him.  He is such a joy!  He has 2 speeds - "fast"  and "off."  His little face could melt the hardest of hearts.  I think he has entered my life at a time when I needed him most, and I will be forever grateful to you for your part in making this happen.  We will keep you updated on his progress. Rebecca

Kenny had another series of puppy shots today, and the staff at my vet's office lined up to hold him.  The consensus seemed to be that he is the cutest puppy in  the world, but of course, I already knew that.  He weighs 9 pounds now and is starting to look more "dog-like" instead of like a round little puppy.  He is so beautiful!  We have a health care plan for him that includes neutering, removing dew claws and implanting an indentification microchip all while he is under general anesthesia.  He has learned to "sit" and is learning the meaning of "no."  I will be collecting my daughter at the airport in Kinston on Monday - she has the Guinney cat and is going to love this puppy.  Thanks again to you and the Fates that allowed our paths to cross.  Thank you also for the Christmas card.  Hope your holidays are wonderful! Rebecca Steele rebeccas@ec.rr.com

As you can tell, I think Kenny is the most beautiful puppy in the world!    I can't believe how perfect the markings are on his face.  He looks so much like Cody, especially with the mirror image freckle.  I, too, like the fact that he has so much white on his body.  I take him everywhere with me, and complete strangers stop me to see him and say that he is so beautiful.  Of course he loves this and gives them all kisses.  Thanks, Rebecca

Kenny at the beach



Becky, I just wanted to email you and say thank you.  You will never know how much I appreciate the opportunity you gave me.  The chance to love, own, and breed such a miraculous dog is just the beginning of what you have done for me.  I believed you when you told me that a cavalier is the best dog there is.  What I didn't know was how quickly I could fall in love with such a little package.  She is amazingly beautiful.  She is so very sweet and loving.  She is the epitome of what someone would want in a companion.  The fact that you took the time you did to speak to me was in itself a sign of what a magnificent person you are.  The love you have for this breed and for your dogs is unprecedented.  The way you treat people is amazing.  If there is anything I can ever do for you please let me know.  As for our little Fancy she is the little girl we never had.  And is treated as if she is the queen of this home.  I know she will do nothing less than improve our quality of living.  Thank you again. Amber McVey georgiapeople@aol.com



Hi Becky – We were just talking about you last night.  I told Gracie we needed to call you.  She is so much fun….boy does she ever love her daddy!  She is taking dog training classes.  I really like them, as they come to your home versus going somewhere that she isn't familiar.    She is taking an eight week class.  One of my close friends has two poodles that come over regularly to play & she goes to the stores with Tom and me. As you can tell she seems to be leading a rough life.  We are definitely interested in a baby from Cayman.  Will the mothers be Cami & Carly?

Take care, Teresa Teresa.Meinert@us-gf.com

There are no words that can fully describe how happy Ashley and I feel when we think about Samson. 
Your dedication and absolute love for the Cavalier breed is amazing.  I don't know how you do it. 
Over the course of the past three months we have watched Samson grow and grow.  Samson is the
smartest dog I have ever seen.  He has only messed in his crate once and that was because we went to the beach (Samson learned that tasting salt water has consequences).  Every day I come home from work I am greeted by the most lovable creature I have ever seen.  You have touched our lives by giving us
one of the best companions in the world.  We are truly thankful.

Sincerely, Willard and Ashley Jones



Hi Becky, I just wanted to drop you a line and say hello and give you an update on our puppy Chase.  He is doing very well!!  Getting big and with a BIG personality.  He is doing really great with house training and is very intelligent.  He also is jealous  of any other pets attention.  He HAS to be getting the attention.  He just loves our cat Brucie. They play and play and chase each other all over.  So much fun to watch.  We have really been enjoying him and would love to have another one---but we have too many already (someday we will get another, so do not lose touch!) , I am attaching some recent photos of the Chaser Man. He is so cute!!!!  Regards, Linda LJSBUZZ@aol.com



Dear Becky, Adak is the most wonderful puppy I have ever had!  It is Thursday morning, and we have had no accidents in the house at all.  He has slept through the night since we picked him up.  He is a beautiful little boy.  He is loving, affectionate, playful, and full of himself!  You did an excellent job with him, and I am so greatful to you.  I am thinking that we will be returning to you for another one one of these days soon.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking to bring a Cavalier into their lives.  My husband is just in awe of him.  He said, "Oh, for heavens sake, he is just like a baby".  He can't believe that he is so well behaved.  Buddy just bursts out laughing whenever I even get close to him with Adak.  Alicia was actually playing with him with his rope chew yesterday.  She isn't quite sure what to make of him yet, but he barks at her when he wants to play.  Too cute!  He continues to sleep all night, and is investigating our house.  We are both enjoying all the kisses and "baby" noises he makes.  He sits on command now, I have gotten him to shake a  couple of times.  Very, very willing to comply.  :)  We LOVE HIM!
Sincerely, Rebecca Soverns RebeccaSoverns@aol.com



Hi Becky,

Our little Max came home with us, with  short stop at our daughters for over night and he was the perfect little dog. Went right into his crate, off to sleep, not a peep all night.  He actually doesn't, to this day, make any noise in the morning until we open the door. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. I take him to work with me every day and everyone, men, women and children fall madly in love with him.  He especially loves children, which I contribute to his being raised with your grandson.  He hears kids on the television, stops and looks at them, with that adorable tail just a wagging. Sometimes he whines because they don't pay attention to him..He is a true delight. Almost, I repeat almost, trained. We have accidents now and then, but for the most part he's on his way to being house broke. Becky and Andy, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this sweet, loving, healthy, well adjusted little fellow.  I am so glad we chose you as our breeder, and yes, we will be back for another one sometime in the future.  I'm starting to think Max enjoys being an "only" child.

Thanks again, and we will stay in touch.
Ed and Odessa eoehhi@aol.com

Hi Becky, Well, our Max is 6 months old today.  Tho't I would send you a couple of pics of him.  He sure is a hoot.  Totally house broke, when on his leash he reacts perfectly to command "this way". Sometimes he sits when told and even shakes (uses wrong paw,tho') but that's okay.  He's been staying home more, Ed is home working on our addition, so he has company.  He is a sweetie. How are your girls doing? Expecting any puppies yet? Take care and enjoy the pics. Thanks,Odessa






Bobby is doing great! We had a long ride back with bad traffic but he slept a lot in his crate. You have done such an awesome job. We can't thank you enough. He goes potty outside and also went right to the puppy papers in the house. He also loves being in his crate. He slept throughout the night. Thank you so much. If you need a testimonial from me or Ric for your website, let me know.

Thank you for all your hard work and care for our new baby.

Cindy and Ric drcindy@cox.net

I have to add my laudits to Cindy's.  I've never seen a dog so extraordinarily well-prepared for adoption.  Whatever your techniques are, you should bottle and sell...or write a book!  Absolutely, Cindy and I will be pleased to testify to anyone how great of a job you've done.  Dr Bob is doing wonderfully and so of course, we are too!


Cindy and Bobby


I had researched Cavaliers for nearly a year and a half, searched for breeders online, and finally, when I decided that I definetly wanted one, I began contacting breeders. One by one, I was talked down to and rudely disregarded as "improper Cavalier owner material." Finally, after two years of wanting one of these gorgeous little dolls, I found Becky Holleman of Kingston Cavaliers, who was not only enthusiastic about her dogs, but she had gone through the same thing! -- rude and nosy questions, ridiculous"extensive screening" processes, and all for less than impressive puppies.
She and I began emailing back and forth for a few months, and we spoke on the phone a few times, as well (often for an hour at least!). I visited her home in North Carolina and met her three gorgeous Cavaliers and Becky and her gracious husband! In May of 2004, eleven puppies were born from Kingston's two females, and of those eleven, one little Blenheim female became mine. As I type this, she sits in my lap with her head resting gently against my arm, sleeping peacefully. She is the sweetest, most even-tempered, and intelligent puppy I've ever had the pleasure of coming in
contact with. It also doesn't hurt that Emma's markings are breathtakingly gorgeous, and I didn't have to jump hoops and make a miracle to clean out my savings account all for the love of a little Cavalier! I'm eternally thankful for Becky and Andy giving their time and affection to these amazing puppies. When Emma plays with us and crawls all over us just to give us kisses, it's obvious that she was well loved and well taken care of in the Hollemans' home! I highly recommend Kingston Cavaliers to anyone who is tired of getting the third degree from snobby Cavalier breeders who forget that these dogs love everyone -- not just socialites, celebrities, and the upper middle class.


Emma puppy picture and adult picture


Choosing to buy my puppy from you rather than another breeder was the best decision I could have made.  I love the regular e-mails and baby pictures.  That's a wonderful personal touch that I imagine few breeders bother with.  These pics are fantastic!

My experience with Becky and Kinston Cavaliers was absolutely perfect in every way. I affectionately refer to Becky as a “breeder extraordinaire”. I got the opportunity to pick out my puppy when he was three weeks old. By the time I picked him up at eight weeks old, Becky had already sent a number of “baby” pictures of him; some were with his siblings, and some were only of him, but every one showed the kind of loving environment he was being reared in. Becky is a wonderful person, who is clearly interested in breeding high quality, well socialized Cavaliers, and then matching them with loving homes. I have already recommended her highly to people who have fallen in love with my little “Charlie”, and would recommend her to you too!

Becky, I'm sending you this picuture of Charlie from work since I have a minute here.  As you can see, he is doing well, and is still a real beauty.  He and my other dog Yoda play all the time.  It's a bit like a 3-ring circus at my house with the romping around of two dogs, one who is 9 years old and getting her second wind as a puppy because of Charlie.   And Charlie still loves his purple bunny!  Hope you are well and enjoying the new school year!



Hi Becky, Guy took Lilli to the vet for her puppy check and shot.  After checking her from head to tail, combing her hair and giving her a shot he held her up and said "I can only find one thing wrong with her".  Holding her up and looking at her he said "you are just too cute."  How's that for a letter of reference......what a wonderful puppy.  She was as perfect as any puppy can be.  Even walked in on her leash. I know vets are supposed to love all pets but he recognizes how special Lilli is.  Thanks again for raising such sweet and beautiful puppies.    Talk to you soon. Betty guyandbj1969@earthlink.net


Hey Becky!!!

I hope this email finds you guys well.  I just wanted to give you an update on the baby...we finally named her, we named her Gracie.  She has been doing wonderful!  We almost have her house broken, with the exception of a few minor mess-ups.  I've taken her to the vet twice, it was too early to give her shots the first visit so I had to come back.  She got a gold star from the vet, they said she was a VERY beautiful girl.  They weighed her the first day, she weighed 2.80 lbs and today (5 days later) she weighed 3.25 lbs, so as you see she has quite an appetite!

So how are the other pups doing with their new homes?  I'm sure you have a lot more time on your hands now. 

I have enclosed a few pictures we've taken around the house, I hope you enjoy - I'll send more soon!

Take care,

Will and Jennifer wjpinnacle@earthlink.net

Jennifer & Gracie


I took buddy to Colorado and referred you to probably 5 people or so who were really interested especially after seeing handsome Buddy. I spoke very highly of you.  I told them that eventually, when we want Buddy to have a brother or sister, we will get him/or her from you despite where we are living at the time! Thanks!
Hope you're doing well,

Here are a couple of good pics of Buddy.  He weighs 9lbs now and is a ton of fun.
Take care,
Mac and Julie


Hi Becky,
We've now had Abby for almost 14 weeks, and we are thrilled that she is with us. She has adjusted quite well to life with us, and especially loves Anna (10) and Julia (8). Abby also loves our labrador, Winston, and even likes the cat, Salem! Abby is smart, loving, playful and adorable - a perfect addition to our family!

Thanks a million for allowing us to adopt her!


Abby & Winston


Thanks so much for Tuesday.  I swear I was like a little kid who just got a pony for her birthday yesterday.  All the way home I was so excited.  She is so beautiful and adorable and I already love her.  All of your pups were really beautiful and Cami and Carly are just the sweetest.  We got the pictures developed yesterday, 3 of them came out really cute I will scan them at the office tomorrow and email them to you.  Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you and picking up Tuesday in a few weeks.

Tammy Weatherly



Hi Becky:

Lucy is doing great!  She is certainly active.  Much more so than Charlie ever was but we're thoroughly enjoying her.  She does sleep well when we put her in her crate. I took her to the doctor and she received a great clean bill of health.  He said her heart is very strong, her hip/knee structure are great for breeding and they took a stool sample.  My vet was very impressed with the health record you sent.  He said the records were excellent.  I think he was referring to you taking care of the puppies as far as their check-ups in a timely matter. I hope you received the pictures I sent this morning! Have a great day and again thanks for such a beautiful little girl. 

Connie cfezell@otelco.net



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