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Hi Becky, More cute pictures from today. Chloe loves playing in the back yard! Lady, our cocker, will like her a lot better when she stops trying to nurse on her. We keep thinking Chloe will figure out Lady has no milk to offer, but she keeps trying! She is doing very well with potty training, eating well, and sleeping through the night. She is also a huge hit with all of the neighbors, human and canine. Our vet said she is in excellent health & she will be going back on 5/17 for her 12 week shots. Take care and give all the other pups a huge kiss from us! Patty & Dave dpseegers@yahoo.com

Hi Becky, all is going well. He is more and more confident every day. Doing great with crate training, still working on potty training, not too many mistakes, but we take him outside a LOT! Hope you’re doing great! We will never own another breed! They are amazing, Boomer has brought such joy to our lives. The outdoor cat loves him and they are so cute together. As soon as Boomer goes outside, he starts looking for her, yesterday he jumped on top of her and landed on her back and she just let him lay there on top of her! She lets him lick and chew her ears. He is catching up in size but she is still the boss, but you can tell she puts up with his youthful exuberance, to a point! Ha ha. The indoor cat is still trying to get used to him but they are doing better – they kind of quietly ignore each other, but when Boomer gets rambunctious, he usually pushes it a little! Ha Take care and keep breeding these wonderful dogs! Allison allison.swink@liveonwaterfront.com

I had to tell you that we just got back from traveling by car to visit with family for a week – went through 10 different states! I was a little apprehensive about traveling with such a young pup, and changing his environment when he was so newly potty trained. But I can’t imagine ANY dog traveling better. He slept in the car almost the entire trip, and if he was awake, he happily chewed his toys. If he whimpered, we knew we needed to stop NOW for a potty break! He adapted to my in-laws house, and two different hotels like he traveled all his life! He quickly learned where the new door was and went there when he needed to go out. No accidents!!! We took him with us to a HS football scrimmage and everywhere we could. It just couldn’t have been easier! Of course we were constantly stopped by people asking what kind of dog he was, and commenting about how cute he was. My in-laws were smitten and I think they’ll be calling you when they are ready for a dog. I also just received an e-mail from a friend who knows someone looking for a Cavalier and wanted to know the breeder we used. Take care!

Boomer and his best buddy, Josh


Hi Becky and Happy New Year..

Our Ollie is the sweetest puppy. He traveled to GA without incident. He sleeps about 6 hrs at night before he wakes up to potty.
We saw the vet Wed. PM and he had only positive things to say. He read your take home instructions and concurred with your advice. He is very positive about Eukunaba puppy food. We will continue that, even using for training treats. He thinks too many different proteins can compromise a puppy's immune system. He complimented your worming and shot procedures. No shots this visit and he will include lepto in the shot in 2 weeks. He was in agreement to delay flea treatment until 12 wks or even 15 since we don't have other animals in the house and it is cold outside.
Ollie weighed 4.6 lb. Everything physical is fine. He has learned his potty place and goes on command and then comes for treat. Smart Boy...
Thank you again for your part in helping us to have this wonderful addition to our life. Kathy jmmcgill2@bellsouth.net




Becky, You can use Jamie on your web site! His Sire was Castlemar Cayman and the Dam was My Lady Marlee both of Kingston. We think that you do a good job of breeding and that you have a great love for the Cavalier Breed. We are very happy with Jamie. Jamie has been to Dogtrain for three sessions of a week  each and responds well to vocal directions. He loves Valerie and myself and is a tail wagging squirming ball of love whenever you come home. Charlie and Val Johnston vjohnson2@ec.rr.com


Becky, Was just thinking about you and wanted to thank you for our precious Tess. You have no idea how much joy she has brought to our home. We love her! Thanks Becky, hope you and your family are well. Ellen Hastings mhastings@sc.rr.com



Abby is doing great. She has so much personality. And soooooo loving. She is a joy and adds so much to our lives. We went to the coast in October & took her with us. She really enjoyed seeing everything,... trying to catch sand fiddlers and wanting to taste everything that she could get in her mouth. I'm attaching a picture that we took while there. Also, there is one of Gracie & Abby. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Verona jones.rv@embarqmail.com
(Gracie was purchased from Kingston Cavaliers 7 years ago by Verona's son Will see testimonial page 5)

Abby ........................................................................Gracie and Abby

This is Harley, now about 7 months old, a member of our family and my partner. He anxiously waits for our walk every morning and goes everywhere  that a dog is allowed. When we shop in Lowes home improvement he rides in the cart and understandably gets lots of attention, and Harley is well known at the Trent River coffee house. When we are working in the yard he follows us around and some times tries to help more than we want.

Harley has yet to meet a stranger, dog or people, loves everybody and for the most part it is returned in kind. He loves to ride in the car, we purchased a doggie car seat so that his harness can be secured for safety and he can see out as we go. He looks around , sleeps and is always eager to be on the go for a ride. Harley has changed and enhanced our lives. George germ13@suddenlink.net


Hi Becky!
I just thought I would write you a short email to let you know how well our Blarney (Farrah and Cayman's pup) is doing.  I can't believe he is 6 months old already, the months are flying!  He is a dream puppy.  Scott and I can hardly remember what our lives were like without him.  Certainly not as interesting=)  He is such a sweetheart!  His tail never stops wagging, he love to kiss faces, and he adores attention.  He is a relaxed and laid-back dog, yet loves to play and run around.  Everyone he meets falls in love with him!  I think we have converted all of our family members to cavalier lovers!  I couldn't ask for a better experience with a puppy, and I have you to thank for that.  He has met and exceeded all our expectations, and we couldn't be happier.  Hope all is well with you, and all your doggies!  We are already thinking about getting another one=) Sincerely, Kim Doyle doyle.kimberly@gmail.com
PS- The pictures are from last weekend at the beach, he loves to run!!!

Becky, We took Barney to his doctor on Monday.  He is healthy as can be.  He loves to ride in the car and look out the window, so I got him a car seat.  We ride into town every morning to check the mail a get a biscuit.  I let him taste the meat on the biscuit, so now, he gets excited when I put him in the seat.  His seat is on the back seat of the car...just like a human...so, he can see both of us, and he is protected in case the air bag deploys. Here's a picture of Barney and his girlfriend, Betty the pink hippo.  He really loves her, if you know what I mean.  When he plays in the crib beside my desk, I let him have Betty as a playmate.  I have discovered that he LOVES classical music.  When I play it in the background on my computer, he calms down and falls asleep. Barney is about 80% potty trained.  It rained today, so it was not a good potty day. Kat
Hi Becky! We just returned from the vet.  Barney weighs 5 lbs. 1 oz.  He has really grown!  I'll give you a heads up.  Friends of ours are crazy about Barney, and they may be in touch with you soon.  They have had cocker spaniels before.  These pups had to be put to sleep, and it was terrible for our friends.  They were not going to have more pups, but Barney is such a good influence, I think they are almost ready. We love our sweet boy, and we wish this kind of happiness for all our friends.
Becky, I had to show you just how beautiful our little man has become.  Here he is dressed in his patriotic trunks for our neighborhood 4th of July golf cart parade. Good friends of ours are crazy about him, and they have asked for your contact information.  We were delighted to comply.  Barney is so good-natured and well-mannered, not to mention handsome,
he steals the show wherever we take him.  We are so blessed to have found you.
Kat Bivens
Hi Becky! I'm sure you are inundated with these kinds of photos this time of year, but this is just too cute not to share.  Our Barney will celebrate his first birthday soon.  It's hard to believe it has been a year, but it's also hard to imagine a time when he was not in our lives.  We are so thrilled to have found you, and subsequently, to have found Barney. Kat kbivens@carolina.rr.com





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