Testimonials FAQ

Do you need to place a deposit?

The choice is entirely up to you. My puppies are normally always pre-sold before birth. Placing a deposit guarantees you a pick from my litters. Once I have gotten your deposit you will be emailed a receipt from me stating that this is a refundable deposit. I would NEVER place a puppy with someone who is not satisfied. **Please read this entire page to understand how/when you can get a refund**

Deposit amount is: $500.00. The balance for the puppy is due when it is picked up. We take personal checks, Venmo, google pay, apple pay or zelle for deposits. Pet puppies start at $3000.00. Show puppies start at $5000.00. I am very selective about selling my puppies with full breeding rights. It is my job to find my babies the best homes imaginable. There is a $25.00 fee for any returned checks due to insufficient funds. We also get our adults (every year) and puppies (before going home) health certified . Plus you get an excellent guarantee. You really do get what you pay for.

Pick of the litter: some adopters would like the pick of the litter or to "move up the list" This would cost an additional $500. You would still have to get the puppy spayed/neutered. If you are interested just let me know during our conversation.

If you send a deposit before the puppy is born it would be completely refundable in the event that you do not find a puppy that suits you during the selection process at 6 weeks. Deposits before birth guarantee your pick of the litter. First depositer gets first pick; second depositer gets second pick and so on. Breeder does reserve the right to have first pick of any litter. Show/breeding depositors move to the front of the line in order to get pick of the litter. (I sell very few with full registration)

Selection Process:

The selection process starts when the puppies are 6 weeks old. At this age they have had their first shots and you can really see their beauty and beginning personality. If you do not see a puppy you like you can ask for a refund or wait until the next litter. Once you pick out a puppy the deposit would be non refundable since the puppy is being held exclusively for you. If you request a refund before the selection process begins you will forfeit 1/2 of your deposit for breach of agreement and my time/effort spent with you.(unless it is an emergency then it will all be refunded) This is due to the large number of adopters that sent me a deposit then continued to look elsewhere for another puppy. After finding another puppy they asked for a full refund. I felt I was on their back burner as a sure thing until they found something else. This was not fair to me. I often wondered what they would have said if I had called them to let them know I was returning their deposit because someone offered me more money for their puppy. I find some people do not understand what a deposit really is?

Breeding Rights?

I do give out breeding rights on occassion but I am very selective.  More and more people are requesting breeding rights for the wrong reasons.  You would need to have many years of breeding experience not to mention a great deal of knowledge on the Cavalier breed.  There are many issues that can occur when breeding Cavaliers. If you are purchasing a puppy with breeding rights you will be moved to the front of the list as you need "pick of the litter". Breeding/show puppies are more expensive then pet puppies that are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Show/breeding puppies begin at $5000.00. If you are looking for a "cheap" Cavalier to breed I would not be able to help you.

Show Puppies?

I do produce show potential puppies. We are very selective about placing our puppies with full registration.
Show puppies begin at $5000.00
We cannot guarantee that a show puppy you purchase from us will become an AKC champion. There are many factors that can affect this. Such as: training, grooming, diet, experience of the handler, etc.

After the puppies are born .......

You will be contacted when to come and pick out your baby. You will be able to come and visit with the puppies a few days after they have had their first booster shot which is at 6 weeks of age. If this is not feasable you can also choose your puppy by facetime videos/pictures. Puppies are normally ready to go the day after their 9 weeks shots. They must be eating dry food for a week before I will let them go. If you will be vacationing or have other plans during that time let me know so I can skip over you. Due to the overwhelming amount of adopters that have asked us to hold their puppies from many weeks longer we have had to changed our policies. We will hold them for 3 additional days, after that we charge $25 per day kennel care up to one more week. It is a lot of work taking care of puppies especially the potty training not to mention I get more and more attached to them the longer they stay. I hope you understand.

How can you pay for your puppy?

We will accept venmo, zelle, apple pay, google pay, cashier's checks, personal checks, and cash for the deposit. Cash or Venmo is required on pick up day. If you would like to pay the balance by personal check or cashier's check it would need to be received when the puppy is 6 weeks old so it will have time to clear the bank. We no longer accept Paypal.

Returning your puppy?

If you decide you can no longer keep your puppy; there is a $250 rehoming fee plus $25 per day fee until a new home is found. All Kingston Cavaliers are my grandbabies so I would need to be contacted if you can no longer keep them. I will be able to find them another wonderful, loving home.

Babysitting your puppy?

We do l love to baby sit our puppies! Give me a call and let me know if you need me.
It is a $25 per day charge.

Puppy selection and pick up times are: Monday-Sat. 11 AM until 4 PM

Breeder reserves the right to keep the pick of any litter.

My dogs/puppies mean the world to me and I reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time that I feel is not in the best interest of my puppy.

Please call first so we can discuss the adoption process.

Mail deposits to:

Becky Holleman or Kingston Cavaliers
702 Cobb Rd.
Kinston, NC 28501

252-523-0322 home
252-559-0934 cell