We WILL NOT sell our puppies to PUPPY MILLS , BROKERS, or PET STORES under any circumstances.

We WILL only sell puppies to LOVING HOMES as lifetime companions.

Along with your new puppy, what do you get?

Each puppy leaves Kingston Cavaliers for their new home with the following:

A record of current vaccinations & wormings
                      ...Until our puppies go to their new homes,
                      ...they are vaccinated at 6, 9 and 12 weeks of age
                      ...and are wormed every week from 2 to 9 weeks old. (we do skip week 6 and 9)
Puppies do not leave us until AFTER their 9 weeks shots.
                     You get a puppy pack which will include:
Royal Canin sample bag
AKC registration papers
sample of vitamins
FAQ sheet
vet heath certificate
shot/worming record
special "toy"


      A health check from our veterinarian
Our puppies get a comprehensive Vet examination, not just a quick once-over.
Our puppies must pass the Vet physical before they they go to their new homes.
          Puppies who are flying will also get a Health Certificate & Acclimation Certificate.
1-year health guarantee for congenital or genetic disorders up to purchase price.     
2-year health guarantee if the puppy remains on the NuVet Vitamins
Must be verified by your Veterinarian & confirmed by our Veterinarian.
If the puppy has a fatal disorder you would receive a new puppy or a refund.
You can trust that we back our puppies 100%. If you should have any problems whatsoever let us know. God has truly blessed us and we want to continue to receive those blessings so we would NEVER turn our backs on you the adopter. The refund goes up to the purchase price of the puppy.
Most breeders do not offer refunds but we do and think it is the only fair way to be!
You may not want another puppy from the same breeder if you had a bad experience.
You should always be given a choice!
We would NEVER ask you to return a puppy to us if it has health issues. We see this as a technique that some breeders use to free them from their obligations. They know that most dogs lovers could never return their puppy. It is your puppy and should live out the remainder of it's life with you.

Our veterinarian checks for any sign of genetic defects. We guarantee that, at the time they leave our care, our puppies are free of any obvious genetic defects, or serious health problems whatsoever.

What are your responsibilities?

It is your responsibility to take your new puppy to your veterinarian within 4 days after they arrive at your home for a comprehensive health check-up. Remember, due to their age,
your new puppy may not have had all their required vaccinations, and must never be exposed to other animals that have not been fully vaccinated until after their 12 weeks shots.

Under no circumstances should you ever surrender your dog.! If you should ever find yourself in a situation where you cannot keep your Cavalier we ask that you contact us for help with placement of your dog in another home. If necessary, we will take them back and provide a loving home for them until they can be placed elsewhere.

How do you get your new puppy home?

You are always welcome to pick up your new puppy here in Kinston, NC. Come in and have some sweet tea or a cup of coffee and visit with us a while. We'd love to meet you and show off our sweet Cav's.
If you are unable to come we will ship the puppy to you. We have a flight nanny!
You would be responsible for all shipping fees. The only time we would not be able to have you come in our home is when our litter of puppies is under the age of 6 weeks. At 6 weeks they get their first booster shot. Before then the puppies are susceptible to any/all diseases. We would never take that risk as we love them way too much!!!

What's the bottom line?

When our puppies leave our care, they are HAPPY, HEALTHY, WELL-SOCIALIZED, and have had LOTS OF T.L.C. ! It is our goal that they stay that way.
Anything less just "aint" good enough for a Kingston Cavalier! :o)




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