Past litters


I am convinced my puppies are in the most wonderful homes imaginable!
I want to thank all of my adopters for being so great and for giving my former "babies" such outstanding homes!

We are happy to announce that Dilly & Jaxon's puppies have arrived!

Five adorable puppies. One tri girl, two tri boys and two blen boys.
All puppies are sold.


Sammie Joe & Remi pups

Can it get any cuter??




We are happy to announce Jubilee and Jericho's pups are here!

Born on Jan 11, 2020! FOUR females and THREE males!!
The pups are all adorable!

Jubilee and Jericho's puppies have arrived.
Three blenheim boys and two blenheim girls!
Mom and pups are doing great! All pups are sold.




Heiress and Jericho's pups have been born!
All pups are sold.


Paisley and Rouger's pups are here!
She had 1 tri girl, 3 tri boys and 1 blenheim boy.
All puppies are sold.

Allie & Donovan's litter is here!

She had one lovely blenheim girl and one handsome blenheim boy!

Congrats to: Kathe and Kristina

Baylor and Rouger's pups are here!
They arrived on Valentine's Day!!!
Four adorable puppies: 3 boys and 1 girl.
All of these puppies are spoken for through pre-deposits.

Congrats to: Karen, Linda and Jan (purchased 2)

The boys..............................The girl


Rainey and Spencer puppies have arrived!
One blenheim girl and two tri boys! They are so cute!
Congrats to: Kristan, Brittany, Leanne and Brittany!

Prezlee and Spencer's adorable pups have arrived!
Three blenheim boys and one blenheim girl! Congrats to:


We are so adorable!




Libby and Spencer's FIVE cute puppies arrived on 05/19/16!
Three tri boys, one tri girl and one blenheim girl!

Are we cute or what??

Bracie and Donovan's puppies have arrived!
Four blenheim females and two blenheim males. So cute!

Congrats to: Lee Ann, Claudia, Margie, Nancy, Malini and Emma!

Fontana and Donovan's puppies are here!!
Six in total: one blenheim female, one blenheim male, two tri females
and two tri males. Mom and pups are doing FANTASTIC!
Congrats to: Lynn, Brook, Grant, Kimberly, Kayla and me!



Lydia and Keegan's pups have arrived!
Four adorable pups! Two blenheim girls and two blenheim boys.
Lydia is such a great mom! Congrats to: Ginny, Kimberly, Kelly and Jane!

Rainey and Spencer puppies are here!
One blenheim boy, Two tri boys and one tri girl! Mom and pups are doing great!

Congrats to:Bob, Elizabeth, Angela, Betsy and me!


Dixie and Keegan's puppies have arrived! Two handsome boys!
Congrats to: Stephanie and Lori (2nd time adopter)

We are soooo cute!



Allie X Keegan's puppies have arrived.
Three adorable girls and three handsome boys!
Congrats to: Kristin, Steve, Debbie, Jessica, Thomas & Rose.
You guys are awesome!

Having fun outside!


Addie and Spencer's three adorable pups are here!
Two blenheim boys and one tri female

Congrats to: Laurie, Debra and me (Piper)



Melody and Keegan's puppies have been born!
Three in total: two blenheim boys and one blenheim girl. (Brooklyn)
Congrats to: Nicole, Cecelia and me!



Reagan and Donovan's puppies have arrived!
Four handsome tri boys and one cute tri girl.
All puppies are sold!
Congrats to: Karen, Leslie, Susan, Kathy and Marlow!


Dixie and Keegan's pups are here!
One adorable tri girl and one handsome blenheim boy.

Congrats to: Shannon who purchased both!

Rainey and Keegan's puppies have arrived!
Three adorable blenheim girls and one cute blenheim boy.
Congrats to: Rebecca, Lenny, Heather and Marianne.

Eden and Donovan's pups are here!!
SEVEN blenheim puppies! Four boys and three girls. So precious!
Congrats to: Christine, Cheryl, Amy, Kerri, Lori, Rosanne and me!

Jersie pups are here! Four in total: three tri girls and one blenheim boy.
Congrats to: Tia, Felipe, Margie and Amy!

Melody and Keegans pups are here!
Three adorable blenheim boys! Congrats to: Katherine, Judy and Laura!

Shelby and Spencer's puppies have arrived!
One tri female, two blenheim females and one blenheim male.
Congrats to: Dan and Esther (2), Connie and Satanya.

Baylor and Spencer's pups are here!
One tri male and one tri female. They are sooo cute!
Congrats to: Amy and Kelly


Bracie and Spencer's pups have arrived!
Five blenheim girls and one tri male. They are so cute!
Bracie is the daughter of our Lollie Pop and Paxton.

Congrats to: Kathleen, Anna, Alison, Missy, Cindy & Karen!

Becky Holleman
702 Cobb Rd.
Kinston, NC 28501




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Becky Holleman
702 Cobb Rd.
Kinston, NC 28501