Updated: 01/06/2022

All of our puppies are sold. We hope to have another litter born in the Fall.

Please call or email if you are interested in waiting to get a new best friend!


We are happy to announce that Dilly & Jaxon's puppies have arrived!

Five adorable puppies. One tri girl, two tri boys and two blen boys.
All puppies are sold.

For more info please click on the "FAQ link above.
It should answer all of your questions. If not feel
free to call or email.


2020 puppies!!

Sammie Joe & Remi pups

Can it get any cuter??


Click this link to see how much your new puppy will LOVE you!

Thanks Taylor and Evan for this adorable video!
Star of the show - Maci, Our Nina and Donovan daughter


Supply list for your new puppy


Please be sure to click on the "past litters" link above to
see examples of our beautiful puppies! Also visit our testimonial link
above to see how our adopters feel about their experience with us and their new addition!

You will LOVE owning a Cavalier. They truly are man's best friend !!

We were 100% AKC compliant on our latest home visit 05/20/15!

We sometimes place our adult females for adoption.
Please click here for more info.


If you are interested please email, call or text

Becky Holleman beckyhmn@gmail.com 252-559-0934



Rumer........................................Lollie Pop

Two of my cutie patooties when they were babies! (these are not for sale)

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