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Note: I believe ethical breeders will readily make available to you their references. I decided to do a testimonial page as my reference page. These are the actual emails/pictures that were sent to me. I have also included the adopter's email addresses in case you would like to ask more questions. (Any breeder can create a testimonial page but the only way to be sure the statements are factual is if they have also included the author's contact information.)

I would like to personally thank the following adopters for being so wonderful to work with and for giving my puppies the best homes imaginable. It is so hard to part with my babies but knowing they are living with such wonderful people and being "spoiled" rotten makes it all worth while! :o)


Congratulations to Betty and "Kingston's Sir Ricky of Seabrez"
for winning BEST OF SHOW & BEST of BREED! Also a 4 point AKC major!
Ricky is the son of our own Cayman and Carly and Lollie Pop's brother!


Dear Becky, I am writing to you with a smile on my face and content heart.  From the minute we picked up our baby girl Chloe back in January, each and every day has been filled with love and happiness.  After the loss of our golden retriever 2 years ago, we were sure that we would never be able to fill that void in our hearts.  I was once told that a CKCS is like a Golden Retriever in a small body.  Those words are precisely true!  Every morning I wake up and look at her sweet little face while she thumps her tail on the ground with happiness to see me awake and I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world. After researching for months the King Charles Spaniel breed, I decided this was what my family and I wanted, I had the  extremely  hard task of finding a breeder and trusting that they would sell me a healthy puppy with great bloodlines.  I truly want to thank you for being precisely the responsible breeder I was looking for.  I scanned the internet for months trying to find a breeder of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels that I felt was in this business with their heart and for the right reasons.  I studied your website from front to back and after several telephone conversations with you, I could tell you are a woman who is passionate about this breed and not just in this business to mass produce pups for money.  There are a lot of breeders out there and it can be scary trying to find one that keeps the welfare of the animals at heart.  When my husband and I arrived at your home, we knew you were exactly how your portrayed yourself on your site - a kind-hearted woman who adores the breed and who wants to share the love of the breed with others. Thank you, Becky, for being you and for all the furry blessings you have shared with others.  We are looking forward to adopting a brother for Chloe from you soon! Fondly, Lori Boyle Jamestown, North Carolina lorimboyle@aol.com
P.S.  I have attached a few of my favorite pics of our sweet Chloe.  Feel free to use any of them as well as my testimony on your site!


Hi Becky Hope all is well. Just had to share this with you.  The boys are so handsome.  Henry is growing so nicely. 
He is so smart️. Warm regards from a chilly philly. Rosanne

Spencer (tri) and Henry (blenheim)

Hi Becky, I hope you are doing well! We just wanted to give you an update on Marley and Miles. We've had them a little over a year now and they are just the sweetest, most loveable and adorable dogs! They have been wonderful with our kids, who are 4 and 6, and really just complete our family. We can't imagine our home without them so thank you so much. They love running around the back yard and playing together and of course snuggling on the couch. At their last vet check the Dr. commented about how beautiful they both are and in such good health. She said she could tell that love and care was put into their breading and that they are far from the puppy mill/pet store dogs she often sees. We so appreciate how much you put into your puppies, thanks again :) Sean and Amy seanniner@gmail.com


Marley and Miles


Hi Becky, I can't remember if I sent you this picture of Henry. My niece took it one day when she came to take Henry for a walk. he is our extended
family dog! I submitted the picture to NC State to possibly be shown on the PNC Jumbotron. Since Henry isn't wearing anything with "NCSU" on
it I didn't know if they would use it or not. But then, look at that handsome boy...how could they not use it?! Long story short, Henry made the jumbotron and sadly, it was the ONE game we missed. :( My phone went crazy with people texting me from the game about how cute he is. Even last weekend while at the beach someone said to me, "I saw Henry on the jumbotron!" Henry brings joy to our lives every day... we constantly wonder what we did before him. Becky thanks so much for being a conscientious breeder and bringing love to our family and to all the families of your babies.
Betsy Payne payne.betsy@gmail.com

Famous Henry


Hi Becky, We hope you are doing well! I wanted to send an update and some recent pics..We just love, love, love our little girl. She is MUCH different from our first.
She has a feisty personality and keeps us laughing. For that, I am grateful as she has helped our hearts heal. And, once again, thank you, thank you for what you do and for
the opportunity to have such a sweet and fun companion. We take her as many places as possible and she brings such joy to others as well. People stop us all the time to see
and ask about her. In fact, I met a lady at Wrightsville Beach a few weeks ago who has Cavaliers. She is a former breeder and currently hers are 10 and 11 years old. She
raved and raved about Charlii and wanted to know where we got her as she is so beautiful. It would not surprise me at all if she contacted you as she said she plans to
get antoher as hers are each experiencing the effects of ageing. Charlii has grown so much as you will be able to see int he pics. I can't wait to see how big she will be
when full grown, but I don't want to rush it. We are enjoying the puppy stage. She is scheduled for surgery on July 2nd. I will let you know how she does and what
her weight is at that time. Thank you again and I hope you and your family are well. In his Love, Tia tialee.email@gmail.com

Tyler and Charlii



Hi Becky,

Attached is a pic of our Scarlett we bought from you in 2006. Yesterday she turned 10 years old.  She is healthy and happy.  I cannot begin
 to tell you how much joy she has brought to our family.  I am so glad to know you are still raising these amazing dogs.
 I know one day we may need to purchase another - but today - she is still our # 1 baby. Ray, Mary & Gracie Kingsport, Tennessee maryrossie1954@yahoo.com




Hi Becky!
Hope you are having a fun summer & the Kingston Cavaliers are doing well!

We have been so very blessed by our sweet adorable Lady Belle! She is the prettiest, smartest and sweetest puppy I have ever been around. Everyone loves her and she brightens everyone's day when we take her for walks in our neighborhood, she has quite the following!

Dr.Gintis said she is beautiful and healthy. He is from Kinston originally and said he would love to meet you one day as he has many Kingston Cavaliers as patients and all are super healthy dogs!

Thanks so much for giving us a "priceless" gift of Lady Belle!
Wendy kennedyfour@me.com

The many faces of Lady Belle!

Kinsley is doing awesome. :) He'll be 5 years old in a few days, it's incredible how time flies. Here are a few recent photos of him.
Bill, Helen and Madison podraziya@gmail.com

Hi Ms. Becky:

I just wanted to let you know that Brady is doing so well! He is the sweetest dog I have ever had. Him and my golden are the best of friends. My toddler is a little jealous, but that was to be expected. Everyone at work loves him.
Hi Becky, I know I email you all the time about how much I love this little guy but I just had to tell you again--he is perfect. We went to puppy class-level 2, today and he was perfection. He is the hit of the office where he goes almost every day and I swear, the place down the street where I boarded him during our vacation wanted to keep him! Thank you again. He looks so much like his dad. Everyone just marvels at how well behaved he is and how he is the cutest little guy ever. I never thought I would have a bond with a dog like this after my golden passed away but thanks to you, I have that love again. Here are some recent pics. He is 13 pounds now. I love how his feet look like he is wearing little booties;)
We are on a family vacation in the outer banks and the house isn't pet friendly;( I decided to board Brady at the pet resort down the street from my house. Honey goes there to play sometimes and it is super nice. I called yesterday because I never saw him on the outdoor web cam and I just wanted to check up on him. The owner told me that 'little Brady' has charmed the pants off of everyone and is never outside on the webcam because he is inside being held. Apparently, he even assists in tours of the facility. They said he is the cutest little guy and the best looking Cav they have seen! The very masculine owner just gushed about how cute he is! They said he is having a blast and has made lots of friends and they wish they had 15 more like him in boarding because their jobs would be so much easier!
They put him outside while I was on the phone and I got to see him bounce around;) So I just wanted to tell you this story because I knew you were the only person who would find this as exciting as I did! Kimberlywhitehousekim@aol.com


Hi Becky, Just thought you would like to see Piper at 6 months. A more than perfect dog!!!
Sandy sljc246@yahoo.com



Hi Becky, I just wanted you to know that Frodo had his first trip to the beach and LOVED it!! My boss has a house near the beach at Edisto and we took a short trip there last weekend. Frodo does so well in the car. He slept most of the way there and back. He loved the ocean and the sand. There was a couple of restaurants that he was able to sit on the deck. He was so well behaved. The waitresses asked to take photos of him to show their friends. We are headed to Georgia this weekend to meet the grandparents. I am so glad he likes to travel. Below are a couple of pictures from last weekend. Take care and I hope you have a fabulous 4th. God Bless J Tori TDavis@nexsenpruet.com


Hi Becky,

I'm email you to send you some new pictures of Fletcher (Donovan+ Nina Feb.2012) Since he turned a year old I have been handling real grown up cavalier hair well :) I don't know how you do it. Fletcher is a real sweetie and we all love him dearly however his favorite person is by far Evan, our 5 year old. Those two are like litter mates and enjoy playing and getting into trouble together. Where every one is the other is never too far behind. Recently Evan starting taking showers and yes twice now Fletcher has jumped in the shower with him :) Its the normal craziness of my house. We are think of adding another cavalier late winter or early spring. I want a rudy but my husband wants a tri. If you remember he wasn't too into getting one cavalier but you know how sweet this breed is. I will start checking your website early winter. Enjoy the pictures of Fletcher, he one of your babies and he's perfectly beautiful too.

Fletcher and Evan

Hi Becky,
He’s absolutely AMAZING! We could not be happier : ) He didn’t eat too much on Saturday, but he’s progressively gotten better since then. He didn’t like his crate at first, but last night he didn’t cry and slept for almost 5 hours before we got up to take him outside. And he loves to play and bite everything. We had to go to the pet store to get him more toys to chew on : ) I’ve attached a few pictures, but will send you some more as we take them. I also have a video I’ll send you of him playing fetch with Mike on Saturday. Oh, and we decided to name him Duke : )

Thanks for everything! You've been absolutely fantastic! -Ashley asprengnether@cedia.org

Hi Becky, Leo blesses my life each and everyday! He had his check-up and first Lepto. Vaccine and Kennel cough today. He continues to eat very well. He had gained 1.5 pounds in two weeks! The Vets. office goes crazy over him when he's there! I am so proud to have Leo in my life! I thank you so very much! God bless you! Always, Connie claughter@me.com

Hello Becky! Just wanted to check in and let you know that our baby boy is simply amazing! He is growing up so fast! He is now 12lbs and tall. He loves to run and jump and chew on his sisters ears. He loves me the most and follows me around the house. We love him so very much!!! Thank you! Channon channon.trautwein@gmail.com

Hi Becky.. Just wanted to update you. Avery had his last shots on Wednesday and weighed in at 12 lbs! Hes such a little gem! He and Kannon are getting along very well. Kannon acts like a BIG DOG with responsibilities now!! He barks and tells on Avery. If the puppy is chewing on something or doing something Kannon perceives is not allowed! They also " double team" us when they want something! As predicted...Wonderful little dogs! Our life would be nothing without these two little guys! Love you!!
Kathleen, Ted! Kannon and Avery kathleeneja@aol.com

Dear Becky,
We decided to name her Summer. She loves the outdoors and just looks so summery running across the yard. Nighttime crate training is going great, but if I put her in her crate during the day, she cries so piteously! It could break your heart, but she doesn't have staying power. She only cries for a couple of minutes. I have never had a dog that loved toys as much as Summer. She is so comical to watch as she moves her toys around the house. We love her so much, Claudia barleyce@gmail.com





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