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Hey Becky! I am sorry this is long overdue, but the past couple of weeks have been busy :) We took Trip to the vet last week and she had nothing but wonderful things to say about him! He is all up to date on shots and is a very healthy little puppy. He is so funny.....quite a personality (his name is very fitting!) He is settled in very well now and we just love him. He has grown and I have decided to keep him on the same food as he seems to like it! Once again, we want to thank you for a great experience. You were so wonderful to work with and Trip is a beautiful dog. He goes almost everywhere with us and people think he is so handsome. He gets plenty of attention!!! We will be going to the beach on vacation in 2 weeks and I guess that will be his first official trip :) We are so happy that we can take him with us when we go! I am sending some of my favorite pictures! You can see that he is living the life!!! haha I will be keeping up with your website and your new additions. I mean it when I say we want another one to keep Trip company! Lots of love, Nicki, Matt, Fletcher, and Bennett
Hey Becky, I just had to send you a quick note to tell you about Trip's first vacation at the beach! First, I have a had a TON of people ask what kind of dog he is....and of course tell us how handsome he is! Second, (and the main reason I am sending this) is to say that I have never seen a dog be so well natured. I know you said that is a trait of the breed, but seeing is believing! Trip has loved the beach, but today while the kids were runnng around, and the birds were flying everywhere, and Matt was surf fishing.........what does Trip do? He just crawled right up in the sand chair and took a nap. I guess the sound of the ocean just lulled him right to sleep. Matt and I couldn't believe it......(remember we had a Lab for 14 years!). It surprised us that he would be so calm even as a puppy. Anyway, we LOVE him! Here are the pictures I snapped :) Hope you are well! nickiknowles@yahoo.com

Trip and the Knowles boys

Hi Becky, I wanted to give you an update on Sweet Pea's and Dashiel's  puppy Rocky.  He's a precious, sweet, loving, and beautiful (see attached pics) new member of the family.  He has captured our hearts, and I never thought I could love a pet this much. He is fully house trained now and he was neutered last week at 5+ months old.  We also had the umbilical hernia repair done and had him micro-chipped.  He weighs 11 lbs and checks out very healthy.  You were right about the male dogs falling in love with you.  I guess we have spoiled him, but he wants me to hold him whenever I'm sitting down.  If I'm not holding him and I get up and leave the room, he takes notice immediately and gets up to follow me wherever I go. To sum it up, he loves us and we love him dearly.  Thanks for all you do to make it possible for folks to have such wonderful pets. Yours, Carol and David Garrett dandcgarrett@bellsouth.net


Hi Becky!! Just wanted to keep you posted on baby Romeo. It's been almost 4 months since I got him! From the second I opened his kennel at the airport he was a bundle of love! He didn't even know me and he licked my face the entire way home! My dad said as we were driving, "I think Romeo is the perfect name for your puppy". I've read so much about cavaliers and met others but I have NEVER met one like Romeo. You can tell that his beautiful spirit reflects the home he was raised in. He loves sleeping in any basket he can find and loves my dirty clothes!! Haha. He sleeps in my bed every night and lays on top of my head!!! Sometimes he even sleeps on my face!! He's the best cuddler and best companion I could have ever asked for. Everyone falls in love with him at first sight. Romeo also knew sit within 2 days of having him! He's a genius! His best friend is Isabelle, my roommates black chihuahua. Isabelle scratches on my door every morning until I let Romeo out in the living room to play. It's adorable. Thank you for everything you have done and giving me my dream dog. And don't worry, I'm saving for a Ruby!! He needs a sister! Enjoy the pictures! --Mimi Ferrand mimiferrand@gmail.com

Mimi and Romeo

Hi Becky, Here are some recent pics of Clementine.  We absolutely adore her!  She is fully crate-trained now but we are still working on potty training.  She has also learned to "sit" and come when called.  She is so smart.  Our neighbor has a great dane and they love to play together - i'll send more pictures of the two of them because they are hilarious (the great dane weighs 120 pounds).  We truly are enjoying her.  Every person on the street stops us to ask questions about her because she is so cute.  I took her to Target the other day in her travel bag thinking that it was pretty well covered so she probably wouldn't attract much attentinon but people still stopped and asked about her.  She's just that cute.  Hope all is well with you. Hadley hadleygilbert@msn.com

Clementine and Hadley



Liam and Cooper best friends!

Becky, Great talking with you this morning... we are SO EXCITED about getting a "brother" for Ruble!!! Ruble turned 10 months old on 9/23/09... he is GORGEOUS and SO SWEET.... we call him our little rock star because everybody always crowds around him whenever he goes out in public with us... Here are a few recent pics of our little man... Tanner can't wait to get Ruble in the family... of course, Mark Logan and I are just as excited! Thanks for all that you do to bring so much joy to the lives of others through these wonderful pets... We look forward to seeing you on Sunday 11/29/09 to get "Domino"...
Take care.. Donna and Mark dmlyles@gmail.com  

p.s. re: pictures--- first couple are from our family "fantasy football" draft get together... Ruble stayed right in the middle of us... "sacked out" on the couch.. his favorite place... Tanner is in one of these pics as well right beside him... the second few are from Ruble's first "NC State" home game trip...(he is a GREAT travel companion)  everytime I pointed the camera toward him he automatically sat and posed.... too funny!!


Dear Becky, Cooper is a delight!  We LOVE him so much!  After a few early mornings waking us up, 2 nights ago, he slept 10 hours straight - until 8am!!!!  Then last night he slept 8 hrs., woke up at 6am to pee outside and then went back to bed (crate) until 8am!!!  Sue told me her dog Liam is a great sleeper too - they must have inherited that trait from Cayman??!! We took him to the vet on Monday.  He got a clean bill of health - and the stool was negative.  He was very impressed w/ the vaccine stickers on the form!   Guess what - he's 6.1 lbs. already!  He gained nearly 2 lbs. since you took him to your vet!   Funny story....we live on the water (bay) and my husband took him on the dock to sweep the shells left by the sea gulls.  All of a sudden he hears "plop"!!  Cooper fell in the water!  My husband grabbed him immediately but he did swim a second!!  He dried him off and put him near the heater for a few minutes.  He still smells good from your bath!  I took him by the water yesterday and he loved walking on the sand and lapping at the foaming salt water tiny waves!  Cooper will be a boatsmen in no time!  We go to the Atlantic Ocean beach by boat every weekend.   
Thanks Becky! Will send more photos soon! Tracy tracycast@aol.com

Liam and Cooper best of friends!



Hi Becky, I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Briscoe.  He's been so wonderful.  His temperament, his health and personality are just perfect.  He's everything you said he would be and much more.  I wanted to just say how much I appreciate all that you do with the puppies.  Your love and care are very obvious.  He's adjusted very well with the kids and our 3 cats.  He just wants to love on anyone and everything.  His signs, that he needs to go out, are pretty obvious so we've had very minimal accidents.  I will keep you updated with pictures as he grows and let you know when he gets neutered. I just love him so much and feel like he's been a part of our family forever.  Thank you for what you do.  I look forward to getting him a brother in a few years.  Please feel free to use my contact information with anyone who would like references.  dbenigni@comporium.net
May God continue to bless you.  You are a great testimony for Jesus. Melody

Briscoe and the Benigni kids.

Hi Becky, I just wanted to say hello and send a new picture of Jackson. He's beautiful and we think he knows he is! He's so sweet and loving. Tomorrow he goes for surgery :( He's being neutered, having a baby tooth removed, and getting a microchip. I know I will worry like a mommy. Hope things are going well for you and all your Cavs. In His Name, Sheri Chandler chandlersheri@hotmail.com


Hi Becky!!

SHE IS SOOOOO PERFECT!!!!  We feel SOOOO blessed and I can not thank you enough!  She has absolutely been so good!  She has slept through the night
every night and has not really even had many accidents.  We are all IN LOVE with her!!  We have named her "Lilly".  The only problem we have had is
that we all want her ALL the time!  No one can believe that she is so perfect!  I am going to "try" and send a picture but I haven't quite figured out how to send pictures through email quite yet.  Thank you again and we will update you often! Araby Ammons DDS :) akammons@cccrdentistry.com



Becky, Today is Clifford's 1st Birthday. He is celebrating with a Greenie. I felt it was the perfect day to email you and let you know what a blessing he has been to our lives. The attached photos show him with his best buddy and role model Jackson(our 8 year old black lab), his favorite place to sunbath, and his favorite spot to sleep at night. Glenn and I just don't know what we would do without him. I cannot say enough good things about you and your puppies, especially our Clifford. We are constantly recommending you as a breeder and Cavaliers as the best dogs around. Thank you so much for giving us the perfect addition to our family. If you ever need us for a further recommendation please don't hesitate to ask. Take care! Rachael Cusick rachaelrice@hotmail.com

Clifford and his buddy Jackson


Hi Mrs. Holleman, SO sorry it has taken this long to send you an email and let you know how great and wonderful and adorable Huckleberry is! Everyone is in love with him! He is healthy and the vet thinks he is so handsome. He has an appointment in January to get neutered and we're going to have the vet put a micro chip in for identity at the same time. He has already learned to sit and is potty trained; he's so smart! He loves to play catch with the small tennis balls we got him and enjoys car rides. Our whole family is in love with him. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives!! I'll be sending more photos soon!
Best, Kristina Proffer kaproffer@gmail.com



Good Morning Becky, We just wanted to send you an e-mail with an update on how Macy is doing and provide you with some photos of her with our boys.
Macy adjusted to our home immediately and our whole family has fallen in love with her.  Our two oldest boys love to play with her and look for her when they first get up in the morning.  Our youngest son who is one also adores her, it is so funny to watch the two of them play.  Macy will come up to him and give him a littler nudge to let him know she is there and he will grin at her and start to giggle, then the fun starts, he will put his cloth in front of her for her to grab onto and she will pull him around the house all the time he is laughing and giggling. She is an awesome dog and is a treat to have in the house.  She has already gotten the idea of going outside to go potty, however has not learned that Rachelle's flowers are off limits (we are still working on that one).  She loves to have her belly rubbed as you will see in the photos and she is definitely a cuddlier, which my wife loves (me too).  Everywhere we go we get complements on how pretty, loving, and gentle she is, which I am sure does not surprise you.  We are very please with her and the service we received from you. Talk with you soon, and thank you for the wonderful dog and experience. God Bless, Kendall, Rachelle, Noah, Jonah, and Ean Roy krroy1@earthlink.net

Macy and the Roy Boys

Hi, Becky!
Hope all is well with you. Izzy has been keeping me so busy. She is so smart. She already knows sit, stay, and down. I'm going to have to come up with some other tricks to keep her busy. I finally got some pictures for you. I think they show her personality. She is so happy all of the time.  Enjoy! I am completely biased of course, but she is the cutest dog ever! Sincerely, Liz liztiedemann@yahoo.com

Liz & Izzy


Becky, I wanted to let you know that we got little Marley home safe and sound on Friday night. He has been absolutely amazing thus far! He was quiet all the way home and slept most of the way on my lap. After the first night when he cried a little bit (what a pitiful sound!) he has been happy to be in his kennel. We
took him to the vet on Saturday and everything was fine. He behaves himself very nicely in public and is exceedingly popular with everyone he meets. Devin
is obsessed and carries him around the house all day long in a baby blanket...So cute! I will include a picture with this message and I will be sure to send more as he grows bigger. Thank you so much for your help and support during this process! We are so thrilled with our new little boy. Sincerely, Sarah and Devin Winter

Hello Becky! I wanted to send you some pictures of Marley and let you know how he is doing. As I write he is snoring on my knees. He is now over 7 months old and an absolute joy to live with. He is our baby, and he participates in every aspect of family life with great puppy-joy, excessive kisses and wagging of the tail. He has been so easy to train, always eager to please. He remains completely ignorant of the fact that he is a DOG--and not a human. On top of his wonderful personality, he is growing into a gorgeous little dog (as I hope you can see from the photos!). Everyone he meets showers love and praise--which he soaks up like a little love-sponge. Thank you so much for letting us adopt little Marles... We are both very thankful for our new "child." God bless you and your human and canine family! Sarah and Devin Winter reedsk6@wfu.edu

Sarah and Marley

Hey Becky,
Sorry it's taken me so long to write to you about Rusty but he is doing great. Swweet as sugar. All his vet visits have been great and the vet just goes on and on about how beautiful he is. He says I was lucky to find a wonderful breeder like you. Rusty has been neutered, he is completely potty trained and has been for several months. He is 9 months now. We used the bell method beside the door and he rings it when he has to go out, unless I'm in the kitchen then he sits at the door and looks at me until I look at him, then he'll look up at his leash then back at me. He is a little snuggle bug. He loves to lay with me at night after everyone else has gone to bed  or if I'm just sitting in the chair he jumps in my lap. We just love him so much. His favorite in the house is Sadie our cat. They just run and chase each other and fight. Sadie has lost weight since we got Rusty. I'm so glad we waited for so long on getting a dog, otherwise I would have never found you or this great breed of dogs. Rusty is everything you said he would be and more. Thank you for raising such great little puppies that are so happy and full of love. I'll stay in touch,  I promise.
Love, Becky beckyleegray@yahoo.com

Katie is now 6 1/2 months old and beautiful  Cecil says 'No one has a puppy any prettier than ours." We graduate intermediate class this Sat. I was so proud of her last Sat.  She "stayed" in position for the time required, then "stayed" in position when another dog next to her was called by her owner.  She is "heeling" beautifully now.  I thought that command was never to "get through" to her.  I was so excited last Monday when she finally walked for twenty minutes without once pulling on my arm, I called Cecil at work to tell him! Katie is now beginning to actually look like a mature dog.  Her tail is feathering out and her face is so pretty.  Her favorite time of the day has to be getting Cecil up after I have taken her outside.  She makes one bound from the door to the bed, then one more bound and she's on top of his head.  He teases her by putting all the covers over his head BEFORE I open the door and makes her work at uncovering his head. She then proceeds to lick him to death.  He went by on the tractor this morning and blew the horn.  When I told her that was "Daddy", she tried to follow the tractor.  We've really enjoyed the classes. Going to miss seeing all her friends - Gracie, Contessa, Pepper, and Rusty.  They have a ball playing before and after class. I am so thankful I found you and she is worth the wait for my retirement to get her.  She STILL doesn't like our neighbors' horse when he rides by the house. Saw the new puppies on your web site.  As usual, they are all beautiful.  Maybe when the weather is cooler, we can go for a short visit.  Keep in touch. Marie, Cecil, Chris and Katie mariepjones@earthlink.net

Marie and Katie

Hi Becky,

We are still at my mom and dad's house and Laci is such a hit!! We adore her and she has settled in very nicely! Once again a wonderful puppy from Kingston Cavaliers! I know that you have some more "parties" that are going to be born in the Summer (from the English import?) Any possibilities that a Tri female may be available (as long as Cayman is not the dad since we already have one from him)..... we are having a ball with her! These are pics that my mom took this morning. Thanks again for a great puppy and for getting to meet and chat on Sunday! You are as wonderful "up close and personal" as you have been chit-chatting on the phone!! Let me know if there is any possibility of the above! Ernie say hi as well!

Hugz to a Friend! - Debi dwalden@hughes.net


Just wanted to let you know Oliver had some vaccines today, and my vet threatened to kidnap him!!lol  He's a blast, and we all love him so much!  My vet office is so pleased at how he's doing...a whopping 6.1 pounds!  He has doubled his weight since December, and is the sweetest puppy ever!!!  I know that everyone says the about their Cav's.  But they are wrong!  I promise you Oliver has them beat hands down!  Becky he is just happy all the time, never meets a stranger and loves to have his neck kissed.  Just too cute!  Runs to the car every morning so he can got to "work"  or more or less to be gushed over all day!  He eats it up.  But I willl tell you he is a drama queen, today he got dropped off because I had to run errands and Dr. Bobbi said when she got ready to vaccinate him he just cried and cried...when I got their to pick him up and she came to talk to him, my gosh he just loved me up and thought she was going to give him another shot I guess.  He kind of hurt her feelings.  Becky you raise the most precious pups on the planet.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I hope these pics come through, let me know. Blessings Always Kelli kellimuse@hotmail.com

Oliver.............................................Oliver and Kayleigh


Hi Becky –

Whoever said money can not buy happiness has evidently never owned a Cavalier. I am joking of course. But Riley has truly been a source of happiness for me, and I am so grateful to you for her. She has been my little slice of heaven here on earth. She is extremely affectionate and so smart that she picks up on things very quickly. And the first time I took her to the vet, I realized how fortunate I was that I purchased her from you. Riley sat calmly in my lap watching dogs years older than her barking excessively or jumping and pulling on their leashes. And when we got back to the examination room, the vet voluntarily commented on her good breeding without being questioned on it by me. He apparently had seen several other cavaliers through that office but said that Riley was exceptional because her head was proportional to her body and her temperament was sweet. He noted that I was lucky to have found a good breeder because he had seen some cavaliers which had bug eyes or which were extremely nervous or shy coming through there.

You know of course that I live in Atlanta and had tried for years to contact breeders who repeatedly ignored my calls or asked rude, personal questions regarding my background. You would think these breeders thought I was going to purchase the puppy and stir fry it. (You'll be happy to know that I was tempted one evening to cook Riley in a peanut sauce but resisted the idea.)  Seriously, I feel so lucky to have found your web site after encountering these ill – mannered, elitist breeders here in Atlanta and the surrounding region. (Funny that they went to finishing school but apparently never got the memo that southerners are supposed to be a warm and welcoming people.) My experience working with you was a pleasure because you made the entire process painless. You were infinitely patient with me during the puppy selection process by letting me take my time until I found the puppy I wanted, and I appreciate that. (I wasn't too fond of the idea that I would be spending this kind of money, and these other breeders were insisting that they were going to select my puppy for me.)

Please feel free to use me as a reference because I would recommend you to anyone who not only wants a cavalier with excellent breeding but also wants to be treated with respect along the way.

Hugs from Atlanta,
Chris and Riley


Chris & Riley


Hi Becky, We got back from the beach last night.  We took Ricky to the Doctor this morning.  Everything is great.  She wanted to wait until next week to give him his booster because of his size. I just finished this little letter (attachment) to send to everyone.   He is sooo cute.  The doctor told me what to look for when his canine teeth come in to help insure his bite stays correct.  --show dog, you know.  She is in love with him and said she could line me up with some puppy births to observe.  I have told her I want her to be the doctor for Lucy down the road.   She said of course, but that I would have to check her pocket for puppies!  She wrote down your kennel name to share with people if they are looking for a cav.   I will write a letter later about what all she said about his breeder.  She was impressed with him and his care given by you.   Anyway, I could go on forever.  I love him so much.  Andy looks so silly holding his puppy bag and camera everywhere we go:)    Let me know if the attachment doesn't work. Andy and I are serious about you and your family using the li'l beach house.  Let us know, anytime.    Thanks for everything.  I want to keep in touch, you know that.   I have now decided I want a Lucy and Ethel sisters.  I will be wanting a blen and tri.   Down the road, but not too long.    Thanks again for everything.   Love, Betty BHSEABREZ@aol.com



Becky, We took little Kinsley to our vet, everything was perfect. He is doing well and has adjusted very well he sleeps with Madison and Copper. The two dogs are best friends; they chase each other around the house. Thanks Bill Zaphiris
Becky, Just checking in, little Kinsley is a year old now 8/8/08, he is doing grea
t. Bill, Helen & Madison bzaphiris@pamtrading.com

Hi Becky! I wanted to email you to just let you know what an absolutely amazing year I have had with my little pup Luther - one of Marley and Cayman's babies! October 1st was his 1st birthday, we celebrated with a doggie cake made out of canned food and his name written in peanut butter. I am happy to report that each time we go to the vet, they rave about how healthy he is. They have asked for his breeder's name and I've eagerly passed along your information.
My life (and Luther's) has taken a few unexpected turns the past 6 months. Throughout all of the changes in my life lately, the 16 pounds of fur that is currently sitting on my lap has been the biggest source of comfort for me. I have had a great support system through friends and church members, but nothing compares to coming home to his wagging tail and loving kisses.
I have tried to expose him to as many different experience as possibly, especially while he is young. He is the neighborhood celebrity! He has not met a dog or person that has not fallen in love with him. The neighborhood kids knock on my door asking if I can bring Luther out to play with them! My favorite part of the day is the second he realizes I'm awake in the morning. From day 1 he has been really good about sleeping through the night and not waking me up. However, as soon as he knows that I'm awake, he burrows his little nose under my shoulder and playtime starts! My morning exercise involves rolling onto the floor and having a good 10-15 minutes of wrestle time with him - I'm not sure who enjoys it more!
I could not have dreamed of a better travel companion! This past spring we took a trip to Boone, NC and did quite a bit of hiking and sight seeing. Luther loved every minute of it, and then slept so well for a week! He has been to the beach a couple times and enjoys chasing waves. I have also brought him to a local lake and let him go in the water - he loves to swim! He has made the trip to see my parents in New York three times so far - twice by car, once by plane. I think he is more patient while riding in the car than I am! He was able to ride in the airplane cabin with me, and the flight staff kept commenting how well behaved he was.
I know I don't need to tell you just how affectionate he is, I'm sure you know all too well how loving cavaliers are. He is just simply the BEST dog!!! Since picking him up, the day after Thanksgiving last year, I have not spent a single day away from him. However, I will be flying to New York for Thanksgiving and the only airline I could gets tickets for won't allow dogs to fly, so he will stay here with a friend. It seems silly, but I'm already really dreading being away from him! I'm attaching a few pictures of Luther from the past year. he is no longer the 4.5 lbs of fluff that he was when I first picked him up, but he is just as loving!!
Thank you for giving me such a great gift and friend!! I just love him to pieces!!!
God Bless, Amy Masterman amy.masterman@gmail.co

Everything is going really well with Teddy!  He is so smart!  When I call him over and say "Up," he turns around in front of me (facing away from me) and gets into position!  It's so cute!  Potty training is going very well also!  He is the sweetest, most loving little guy, and we're all crazy about him! I've attached a picture of our granddaughter, Samantha, with Teddy.  It was taken Friday after his first bath!  Feel free to use it on your website if you like. Hope all is well with the new litter!  Thanks again for everything! Marilyn Hardee  marilyn@jhardee.com



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