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Becky, I don't even know how to begin...I fell in love with Eli from the moment that I picked him up.  He was a perfect angel during our trip back to Atlanta.  I could not believe that he did not cry and slept in my arms the entire time.  He has now been at home for a week and a half and I seem to fall more in love with him every day.  Oh my gosh he is such a doll.  I took him to the vet and everyone wanted to hold him.  They said he was the "most precious puppy"  they had ever seen.  He is so smart too.  We had only been home for two days, and he already learned to go to the back door to let us know to take him to the bathroom.  He sleeps through the night and goes into his crate without crying.  Thank you again for everything.
Carlyn mcculcs@earthlink.net

I just want you to know that he is the most precious dog.  I think I fall more in love with him everyday.  He is so smart and so full of love.  His favorite place to be is in my arms and I have to admit I love for him to be there too.  I can't take him anywhere without people stopping to pet him,  and they always tell me that he is the "cutest puppy" they have ever seen.  Oh, and he is a lover of all people.  It doesn't matter who the person is he loves them.  I think he has gotten a little spoiled with all the attention though.  No matter where I take him he "expects" for people to pay him attention.  It is the cutest thing you have ever seen.  He will start to wiggle in my arms to get as close to them as possible and, of course, everyone stops.  When you said "they are the cadillac of dogs", you weren't joking.  When I talk to him, he will cock his head from side to side as if he knows exactly what I am saying to him.  He has already learned the word "sit".  I think it took me saying the word one time for him to learn it.  He has filled my life with so much joy.  Thank you again for everything.  I am so glad that God directed me to you when I was trying to find a cavalier to be my companion. Carlyn

Eli and Carlyn

Hi Becky,

Sorry it has taken me so long to send you some pictures of our Bailey. It is hard to believe, but he is a little over 10 months old now! We all love him and everywhere we go people always ask where we got such a beautiful and well tempered pup. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful dogs. Bailey is such a joy to us. As you can see he loves the beach and gets along great with Cody and Hannah. He also loves our English Bulldog- Winston. They are so funny together.  We all still love to check your web site and see the new litters of puppies. Thank you again.
Allison Goldsboro, NC HarlonAllison@aol.com


Dear Becky, We love our puppy so much,  He is doing great.  What a joy this has been for our family. Love, Jim, Laura, Jimmy, Matthew, Nick, Beth and Rachel

Duke and the Guido kids



Hey Becky, We wanted to keep you updated on Riley.  She is such a wonderful addition to our family.  Our whole family is in love with her.  I must be honest, I felt she was a bit expensive and I generally love larger dogs.  But she has me wrapped around her paw.  Thank you so much for our bundle of joy.  I have recommened you to lots of people, so I hope you get some more business.  She is mostly potty trained, leash trained in a day and invisible fence trained in 2 days.  Who could ask for more!  She is 5 and 1/2 lbs now and 13 weeks old. Talk to you soon! Cindy and Katherine cheftell123@yahoo.com



Hi Becky,

I just LOVE my puppy, Corduroy.  Everyone is all smiles!!!  My family in NC loves him (he travels so well), my roommates love him, our neighbors and their kids are crazy about him, and my students love it when I bring him to school with me.  He even loves walking around in DC and going to softball games with me on the National Mall.  He is very eager to come along.  I wanted to thank you for making it possible for me to adopt him.  The trainers at his puppy school say he is the most outgoing Cavi they have seen in years and everyone is asking me where I found him.  He has been a somewhat finicky eater, but he is getting better as he goes through more growth spurts.  He does love his Bil-Jac and definitely is crazy for peanut butter kong stuffing.  I have found that the Pet Stages toys are fantastic and he adores those.  I hope that I can find a puppy for my parents this summer.  I am trying to convince them to buy one of your puppies sometime.  Will you be expecting any puppies from Daisy again?  We just are crazy for Corduroy and it would be fun to have a sibling :)
Have a fantastic summer!
Sally Gilliam Sara.Gilliam@fcps.edu

Hi Becky, I just wanted to give you an update on Corduroy [He's Daisy's boy from February].  He's WONDERFUL!!!  Not only that, he's INCREDIBLE!!!  (you'll see why in a second)...   He has the most affectionate temperament!   He's the star of our house, the neighborhood and the school where I teach.  I brought him to school on Halloween and the kids loved it.  He will make a wonderful therapy dog.  Here he is dressed in his costume for his first Halloween!  Hope you enjoy it!  Thanks so much!

Sally Gilliam and Corduroy

Dear Becky,

Just wanted to give you an update on Sophie...  She is doing very well and has quite a personality.  Sophie has made friends all over Charlotte!!  And our Husky just loves her.  She gets more beautiful with each passing day.  I need to send you pictures! Thank you again for our baby!

Take care,
Lauren B. Hull, MD

Becky, Sophie is doing very well.  She now weighs a whopping six pounds.  Dr. Long says she will probably weigh between 10-12 pounds as an adult.  She is definitely a good eater.  Sophie has now bullied our Husky so that she can eat both bowls of dog food!!  She gets along well with Jasper-- they curl up and nap together on the toile bed that is meant for "toy breeds".  I am still not sure how they fit! I will mail you updated pictures this week.  You will not believe how big she has gotten since April!  She gets prettier every day.
Lauren B Hull, MD

Sophie and Jasper


Lizzie, Anna, and all are doing fine.  We are having a great time together. It is amazing how many people inquire about Lizzie when we are in the public.  Lizzie has been to Busch Gardens and Nags Head recently, and she sure draws a lot of attention. People of all ages admire her smart looks, and loving personality. We have her scheduled for spaying the first of September.  We also plan to have a microchip ID implanted. She is registered with AKC, (Elizabeth Dare of Albemarle), as well as DNA data based.  We are keeping up with regular heartworm prevention treatment, and pest prevention with Advantage Flea control.  I continue with the vitamin supplements which you introduced us to, and she is still on Eukanuba petite small breed, although she is probably at 12 pounds weight now.  She loves those Eukanuba treats.  She has really grow. Chewing has slowed down somewhat. It is amazing how fast and agile she is.  She is quick as lightning.  All in all it has been taken some time and effort, but she has rewarded us 100 times over.  We may take her to Williamsburg next spring for the CKCC show.  Hope all is going well for you and your family. Don, Debbie, Anna, and Lizzie dycherry@embarqmail.com

Hope all is well in Kinston. Things are fine here.  Lizzie is doing wonderful.  She is great. Anna started a Pet Care Pantry at her church, First Baptist of Elizabeth City to help assist the local animal shelter. I have attached some pictures above.  Lizzie at 2 years of age. Don Cherry Elizabeth City, N. C.




Becky, Cha Chi just turned a year old July 29th and I wanted you to know that he has been the best pet I have ever had!  He first and foremost is extremely loving, loyal and sensitive.  He is very smart as well!  He understands many phrases like "Let's go outside.", "Do you wanna go for a ride?" (in the car),  "In the house." (when it's time to return inside after playing outside), and one of his favorites "Do you wanna cookie?"  When you talk to him he just sits and looks at you with those big brown eyes that you could melt into!  He really seems like a little person. I just wanna thank you for bringing him into my life.  He is very special to me and my family.  For anyone considering a Cavalier as a pet who wants the BEST pet in the universe--they will certainly find it in one of your Cavaliers!! Thanks a million! Kelsey kackarack2003@yahoo.com

Cha Chi and Kelsey's new baby

Hi Becky, I just wanted to give you an official update on Sarah.  She is doing well and making lots of friends.  Everyone loves her because she is so cute and sweet.  I'm impressed with how socialized she is.  She doesn't seem to be afraid of anyone or anything.  And she is so smart.  She already knows how to "sit" and "down".  Potty training is coming along.  As long as I am vigilant to her signals to go out, everything is fine.  She has taken to sitting by the front door and staring at me to go potty.  Sarah is such a beautiful dog.  You are a good breeder and a genuinely nice person.  I highly recommend you to anyone who asks about Sarah (which is quite a few people) :).  If you get the chance, please provide me with some of your business cards so that I may hand them out to interested people.  Thank you for the opportunity to adopt my best friend and furry four-legged child, Sarah.  Please feel free to use the pics I have sent to illustrate my statement. 

Talk to you soon, Acadia acadiafusilero@hotmail.com Sarah's dogster page: www.dogster.com/?437085
PS: I just love her little pink paws!!!!!




Hi Becky! Paisley is growing by leaps and bounds!  When she first arrived she could slip through the bars of the gate I put up and now she can't.  She is eating well and I can feel the difference when I pick her up. She really hasn't been eating her lunch so I've put her on two meals a day and she is doing well with it.  We went to the vet for the 2nd time on Tuesday and she was 7 lbs.
I haven't been able to get a good picture of her with all the kids but I'm sending you a couple of her with the kids by themselves.  It's hard enough to get 4 kids to look good in a picture but it's really difficult when you add in a puppy :)  The picture of her by herself is the most recent. She is doing well with housebreaking.  She always goes outside in her potty place and only has occassional accidents in the house.  She is starting to sit by the door and whine when she needs to go out.  Thanks again for such a sweet puppy!  We all just love her to pieces :) Brooke abdfl@earthlink.net



Hi Becky!
Sorry its taken me yet another long time to get back to you. Been busy playing with the puppy! :) She is growing so fast.. I want her to stay a puppy forever. The vet visit went well, she got a shot and then the Dr is going to give her a heartworm shot the next time we see him. Everything is on schedule. :) I've attatched some photos of our P-Nut. She really is a doll. Everyone has just fallen in love with her!
We were definitely made for each other.. haha we've napped most of this weekend.. :) Heidi Barnes heidisoverns@hotmail.com

Heidi and P-Nut

Hi Becky, Things are busy, busy, busy around here.  We all love our new puppies.  They are so sweet and just so cute!  I have to admit they are spoiled already. Izzy and Toby both love to be held and loved on.  They want to sit on your lap to go to sleep just like my kids did when they were babies.  They both have adapted well and are loved very much by our family and our neighbors and friends.  Thank you again!  God Bless You and Your Family.

Becky, Thank you so much for all of your kindness and patience working with us. The puppies are precious and we all fell in love with them as soon as we laid eyes on them. I have to say that I know that it was a "God thing" that brought me to your website. Thank you again for the cutest puppies that I've ever seen. Take Care! May God bless you and keep you.
I John 4:4 You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.
Melinda, Monty, Alexis and Pierce melindac88@aol.com

Alexis and Izzy .......................Pierce and Toby



Tyler and Charli

Becky, Hello again, it has been sometime since I have talked to you. I just wanted to give you an update, Ronnie is doing fantastic, he is so well
behaved! He is done with all of his booster shots, and was fixed last month.  I do not know if you want the papers confirming that he was fixed, I have them if you would like me to send you a copy. He is getting so big now, he grew so fast!!  He is about 13 pounds since I last weighed him, so I do not think he will be getting too much bigger, maybe about another 5lbs at most. Everybody loves him so much, I cannot go anywhere without people stopping me and asking what kind of dog he is, and telling me how beautiful he is. I could not have wished for a more perfect baby.  Thanks again. God Bless Vanessa vlundber@daemen.edu

Vanessa (blonde) and Ronnie plus Ronnie and his friends.


Becky, I hope all is well.  We have been remiss at keeping in touch.  Please forgive.  Abby Girl has been a delight.  She likes to sleep under the covers and either snuggles in the back of our knees or cuddles in our lap.  We just had her spayed last week and she is doing well.  She is suppose to take it easy for another few days, but she loves to chase the soccer or tennis ball.  We have had to deny her this activity and hide the balls.  She also loves special treats from a dog bakery in town.  She knows when I have been to this special bakery and runs straight to her “bed” in order to receive her treat.  What a joy she has been for the whole family.   We love her dearly.  I am trying to talk Reggie into another – boy or girl Blenheim puppy J    He currently has his mind set that we don't need another pet – with our current family of 2 cats and Abby Girl – but I know that another Cavalier would just add to the fun and not any trouble.  Abby has truly been the best breed of dog that I have ever owned.  I still cannot believe that she did not cry the first week we had her home.  Oh – she does play with Crush our Orange Tabby cat.  Isabelle – our other kitty – just likes to stay to herself – so Abby is curious but seems to give Izzy her space.  Although she will chase her to the table once in a while J By the way, I just spoke to a neighbor that is looking to purchase a CKCS and has been disappointed by another breeder.  They knew we had Abby and called to inquire.   They have a daughter that is just about heart broken.  I sent them your way and was confident that you would be able to help them.  God Bless, Diane rball15@nc.rr.com



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