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Hi Becky, We are absolutely in love with Winston!!!  He has such personality and is constantly a source of laughter.  Yesterday he went with us to the airport to drop Abby off and the American Airlines people fell in love with him too.  He was behind the counter being introduced to the employees much to the dismay of the growing line of people to check in.  After I dropped her off I went to the farmer's market in Raleigh on Lake Wheeler road (the big one) and it took me over an hour to buy cantaloupe, strawberries and blueberries!  He must have enchanted at least 25 people.  It was our first attempt on a leash and he did marvelously!!!  I gave your website to at least 10 people.  One lady walked up to me and said "that's one of those dogs that cost thousands and thousands of dollars!"  I hope you get a few calls from our adventure.  Winston is a good ambassador for you!  I sent a few pictures of him.  He LOVES to sleep on his back like the one picture.  He climbs up on my shoulder and kicks back.  He has made friends with one of our cats and the other old one has warned him with some hissing and he gives her the right of way.  Otherwise, she just ignores him.  He and Izzy, our young cat, will probably be playing in a few days...each day gets a little closer.  He likes to chase her around the yard and when she stops, he stops!

We have decided to take him to St. Louis with us.  I got a carrier and he can fly right in the cabin with us.  Abby has only been gone one day and already she misses him...he has spent that time catching up on some much needed rest.  He slept in my lap all the way from Raleigh to Greenville!  Then he stuck his head in my cup that was in my cup holder and helped himself!  The lady at Starbuck's gave him his own cup of water.  He didn't like the bowl I brought along.  He thinks  he's human!

I'll let you know how my trip goes...should be fun.  Let me know if anyone gets in touch with you from the airport or the Farmer's Market!!  My first degree was in marketing :) One little girl was just begging her mama to get one! Thanks for offering to allow him to stay with you...maybe we'll ask next time! Have a great weekend...we leave Tuesday.

Kathy and Winston midkiffs@embarqmail.com

Kathy and Winston....................................Winston adult picture


I never did figure out how to email pictures. I am enclosing a recent picture of Dory who is now almost 2 years old. She is an amazing dog, exceptionally sweet and obedient. I cannot thank you enough for the help you gave us in being able to bring Dory into our family. Not only were you encouraging and friendly throughout the entire process, but you really gave us the financial flexibility we needed at the time.

Dory is true to the history of the breed, for which you are apparently doing much justice with your endeavors. At our last visit with the vet, we were informed Dory is an exemplary example of a CKCS, and she is very healthy and without evidence of any health complications, including murmur. She is excellent with both of our girls, a well natured "shop dog" at my law firm, and melts the hearts of everyone who meets her.

I can't thank you enough, even two years later, for our healthy, happy and much loved "Adorable" dog.

Warmest Regards,
Vanessa Herbert, Attorney vmh@shblaw.com

Dory puppy picture


My Dearest Becky I hope this finds you smiling and happy as much as I am.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for bringing into this world such a lovely baby as Kerry is.  Went to Vet and wouldnt you know he has a Ruby 12 yr old at his home.  Kerry was a show stopper and I left very pleased with the choice of Vets. since it had been so long since having a little Angel to love.  Thank you for being such a wonderful Breeder and such a fine human being.  I certainly will keep you up-dated and hope to have pictures soon. Again thank you for my little girl and God be with you and may Angels sleep on your pillow. Sincerely Betty Palmer sonny-brown@triad.rr.com



Hi Becky I hope all is well with you. I wanted to let you know how Bailey is doing. He's such an angel at 7months today!! I cant believe it, and he's 12.5lbs. He goes nuts when I come home. It's funny because he whimpers and climbs up as though he cant get enough of you or hasn't seen anyone in days. The reality is he's never alone he always has my dad but he still misses me and my son. He went through teething pretty well and got lots of ice to play with for the pain.  Everyone comments on how well behaved he is and also that he's so smart. We have him trained to ring a bell to go out- it's adorable. He's getting neutered pretty soon, I have to make the appointment. I hope it's not so bad for him, I worry about the anesthesia. Otherwise he's beautiful healthy and an absolute sweetheart. I'm so glad i found you when I did because I don't think that if I had waited for someone here in New York that I would have my Bailey right now. He's constantly licking us and making us smile.  I'll send you a copy of the bill when we get him neutered and I sent a few pictures Take care and God Bless Andrea angelfish81@aol.com



I have no pictures for you yet (believe me, I've taken plenty- I just need to download them) but I just had to tell you how unbelievable and wonderful my Sampson is.  He is loving and playful and just wants to be wherever me and my husband Jordan are.  He plays nicely with his toys, including a small red KONG which he LOVES.  He eats like a champ 3 times a day and is doing so well with his crate training.  Although its been hard because the weather in New York has been cold and rainy, he knows exactly what he needs to do when Mommy takes him outside, AND he knows that if he does it, he'll get a yummy, delicious treat!!  His daddy just loves to take naps with him on the couch- I have a great pic of that and will send as soon as I can ! We went to the vet today, and as we walked in, there was a couple there with a 4 month old Blenheim male and our Vet, Jessica was there with her 4 year old Blenheim male!  It was a Cav Convention!  Everyone just loves him, and Jessica says he's in perfect shape- just a little loose left patella, but nothing to be alarmed about.   His stool has been slightly loose, but nothing serious.  When the other young Cav left the vets office, everyone turned to me and asked where I got him.  I told them a wonderful breeder in North Carolina- and they said GOOD! Because that other one was bought at a pet store and he was shy, scared and refused to eat a morsel of food.  Sampson was friendly, loving and just the perfect little guy at the doctor. Jordan and I are smitten.  We didn't leave our apartment all day
yesterday because we just couldn't stand to be away from him!  I'm at the library right now trying to finish up  my last paper in Graduate School (!!) and I just want to run home to be with my puppy! But, I know that Jordan is probably napping on the couch with him right now! The weather is getting better in New York, and Jordan is spending the day with him tomorrow while I am at work.  Since he got a clean bill of health, we're going to try to put his harness and leash on him and take him for a walk around the block so he can get used to New York City

I can't wait!
Thanks a lot Becky- you were so wonderful through the whole process.
Whenever people ask where I get him, I immeditly give them your website and tell them to check it out!

Pictures will be sent soon, as well as your copy of the contract.

All the best,
Tahlia Bliss ta2116@columbia.edu



Sampson, Tahlila & Jordan



Morning,  Becky.  I am sending a pic that my son took last night, and a couple that Ernie made. (We have made a lot, and they are all cute!) Thanks again for such a great puppy!  We put him in his crate about 9:30 last night, and he went to sleep almost immediately! He woke up at 4:30 this morning (in the middle of a horrible storm)  and needed to go out! Went back to sleep and slept til 7:30!  You have obviously put lots of time and love into them and it shows. He is "Mister Sociable"!  I have never seen a tail wag like his!! Thanks again and we will definately stay in touch! (we may want a sister or brother for him!). Kindest Regards, Ernie & Debi debi@romairconstruction.com



Hi Becky, Dusty is wonderful, we just had a walk. We arrived home on Sunday evening, he checked all rooms, all his new toys, after playing he decided to sleep NOT in his beautiful dog bed, but in Landy`s boot:-}
I must tell you something- just once we gave him to puppy training pads and said "pee" {in my language] ,he immediatly knew what to do, but now I think I can throw away the rest of the pads, because he goes to the bathroom "on  request" when we are out.  And, of course, he can let us know when is the time to go out.
He drinks and eats very well, his puppy food, then I offered him small piece of boiled chicken breast and 1 baby carrot {my grandma has a yorkshire terrier girl- and she loves the carrot, she got so healthy and shiny  hair]
he loves it.
I`ll send you some pictures later. Take care!  Barbora knconstruction@hotmail.com

Hi Becky, I just wanna let you know Dusty is doing great. He is so smart, loving and makes us happy. Last Tuesday we`ve been to the vet, oh my God, he was so crying, when she gave him next vaccination:-}
But he is healthy and happy puppy!
I must send you sometimes a picture Dusty and our parrot they give kisses each other!!!

Barbora and Landy


Barbora & Dusty

Landy & Dusty


And then God created Scarlett.

……what joy this little puppy has brought to our home. She has lived up to all you told us she would be and more. Our 18 year old daughter, Gracie bought her a booster seat so she can ride in the car with her. Gracie brought her to my work, the beauty shop and the school where her Dad teaches. Everyone absolutely loved her. My brother said she was the prettiest puppy he had ever seen, and let me tell you, coming from him, that's a real compliment to Scarlett. My brother doesn't just pass out a lot of compliments! Thank you Becky, for raising these beautiful, loving, smart, and friendly dogs. We hope to have a Rhett someday.

Ray, Mary & Gracie

Gracie and Scarlett


Hi Becky, We are home safe - and happy as can be with our little boy.  He did fantastic on the car ride.  Cute as a button in his collar and leash and such a good little boy.  We let him out at the first stop and he pranced right over to the grass and did a pee pee.  We were all so excited and he just looked so pleased with himself. The kids love him!  The hardest thing for them was waiting their turn to play with him.  They each took seperate turns which was very helpful.  He is right there under foot...it took me about 5 seconds to realize this.  The kids naturally sat on the floor with him which I am very grateful for.  He really seems to love to lick noses.  We have thought this is so fun.  We have also discovered that he loves pony tails.  He would bite at my sisters and than again at Madison's (my 6 year old)  Something to stop, but funny today. I was glad you told me he might not eat.  He just picked at his food.  He seemed a little unsure about the bowl...my guess is it must be different than what he's used to.  I have a stainless steel one that makes noise each time his little nose touches the food.  Long 20 minutes hoping he would just eat.  The training process begins.  I cannot express enough how thankful I am.  He is truely just a doll.    Thanks so much...Julie JandJmaw@adelphia.net





Becky, you just can't imagine how in love my parents are.  That little Rosie has stolen their hearts.  She has been the perfect angel, you'd think she knew she needed to be especially good, because these people need her to be-she has slept through the night, hasn't really messed up on the floor but once, and has brought JOY, JOY, JOY!!!!!  She has turned out to be just what I wanted for them.  I was so right to look for the perfect dog, and I know I found it in this little Cavalier, Rosie!
Thank you so much for being such a caring person, you know, some things are just meant to be!  I'll keep in touch, and let you know how things are going-but my parents couldn't be happier!  I've attached a few pictures-she is living a life of luxury!!
Sincerely, Roz Winter


Hi Becky, Winston is doing great and we couldn't be happier with him!  He is so sweet and funny - he is constantly making us laugh.  He has taken to his crate and sleeps through the night (yeah!).  He is an early riser though (5:30!).  He is eating well - we followed your advice and take the food up after a bit and it has really worked.  He is absolutely beautiful and very popular at the gym where my girls do gymnastics!   I checked  your website and see that some of his brothers are also sold - as well as puppies from your other litters.  Congratulations!   You've been great and I truly appreciate your kindness. Sincerely, Anne Beattie abeattie@comcast.net

Emma & Kendra

Dear Becky, I wanted to drop you a few lines and update you on how great Emma is doing.  She is the best dog we have ever had.  She is such a smart, loving, and playful baby.  Not to mention she is absolutely beautiful.  Like you, I had been wanting a Cavalier for about five years.  Before I found you, I was starting to believe Keith and I would never be able to get one.  You were so wonderful to work with.  I appreciate all the "extra special care" that you gave to Keith and I.  I am sure that you give all of your adopters the same level of care.  It was such a "breath of fresh air" to find a breeder that had such a profound knowledge and love for the breed as well as an excitement to share these little angels with the world.  I so enjoyed all the time you spent with me on the phone, face to face meetings, and emails to let me know how little Emma was doing.   She is so great that I am convinced that Keith and I will never own any other breed ever again.  And I wouldn't even consider buying a puppy from any other Cavalier breeder.  Thank you again, Emma is truly a gift!
Kendra sissybug1976@adelphia.net

Becky, Hey!  I just wanted to let you know that "Emmy" is doing great.  She is so wonderful.  We took her home to WV for Christmas and she truly enjoyed the whole family.  She is definately partial to Keith and I, (especially me), but she just loves everybody.  Her potty training has been soooo easy.  She is so smart.  I couldn't believe that we took her to WV and she didn't have even one accident in my Mom's house.  I thought that she might mess up because she was in a completely different environment, but she didn't miss a beat!  She is still sleeping in her crate, but not by choice.  She would much rather just sleep with us, maybe soon. I also wanted to let you know that Keith and I found out this morning that we will be moving to Yuma, Arizona in early spring.  It was quite a shock!  I am so glad that we got Emmy before we had to move.  We are leaving in April.  We have the house to sell, my car to sell, so much to do.  I will keep in touch with you and send you an email address once we get there and get settled in.  As I have told you, Emmy is such a gift, I am sure that we will want another baby eventually and I wouldn't want to buy from anyone else.  She is the best behaved little baby ever.  I know that you told me "once upon a time" that everyone of your adopters say that they "got the best one", well, they are wrong...I got the best one!   hahaha! Love, Kendra


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