Retired Cavaliers

We sometimes place our retired Cavaliers in loving homes.
If you are interested in being placed on our waiting list please give us a call.


Katie was my first English import. I actually acquired her from someone else in the US when she was 3 years old. She has a gorgeous face and is my constant shadow! She loves snuggling up next to me in the bed. Katie is 13 years old!
She still oversees all that goes on here at Kingston Cavaliers!
We kept back Maya from Katie's first litter.

This was Katie when we first got her and six months later....

Katie's first litter of pups. Maya is on the right.

So classy!


Sadly to say Katie passed away at the ripe old age of 14.
We miss her dearly and she will always hold a special place in our hearts!


BAH Lady Carlyna of Kingston


Carly & Cami were my first two Cavaliers. They are loving sisters and truly adorable! Carly is loaded with personality and is first to greet our guests!


Carly & Cami the first night with me.

Josh with Carly and Blair with one of Carly's pups.

Carly's favorite place to be!

She loves her Kong!

and her chew sticks.....


Carly with her litter of SEVEN adorable puppies.
We decided to retire Carly after her last two c-sections.
We did keep back Lollie Pop from this litter of 7 puppies.
Carly is with my Vet's tech and has a Dashhound as her new best friend!
Update: Sadly,Carly passed away at 14 years of age.



BAH Lady Camilla of Kingston
" Cami"

Cami and her sister Carly were my first Cavaliers. She is so beautiful and sweet!

This is Cami & Carly the day I got them with my grandson, Garrett. Cami is on the left.

This is Cami, Carly & Cody at a year old. My hubby, Andy with Cami

Cami all grown up! ...............Cami's litter of 8 puppies! What a great mom.

Most recent picture. We have retired Cami. We are so please with the beautiful puppies she brought into our lives. Sadly, Cami passed away in 2011.











































We purchased Daisy when she was 2 years old. She is really sweet and fits right in with the rest of my darlings.


Relaxing on the couch!


This was her first litter of pups. We have retired Daisy and she is in a great home with one of her daughters!

Silver Sage QT Robin's Rocket

We were very pleased when we had the opportunity to acquire Rocket. She was already an adult when she joined our family. Rocket fit in so nicely; it was as if she was born and raised here. She is such a beautiful girl with extremely long ears and a thick coat. Rocket is champion sired and has a really nice pedigree including Sanickro and Kindrum lines.


Beautiful long ears!


I love sleeping on my pillow!

Rocket with a litter of her puppies.
We have retired Rocket. She was such a joy and a great mother. She is living with former adopters who have purchased 2 other Cavaliers from me.


Gypsys Midnight Seiler of Kingston

Gypsy is a puppy we kept back from our lovely Bailey and our beloved Mario. We just knew from the moment we laid eyes on her that she
would be our next addition. She is so beautiful and such a sweetheart!

Gypsy with her siblings.


Growing up so fast.


Gypsy and her pups!

We have retired Gypsy and she now resides with my niece and great niece.



Princess Penelope of Kingston
(Sweet Pea)

I purchased Sweet Pea from the same breeder as Cayman. I let my grandson, Garrett name her and he came up with Sweet Pea. The name fits her pefectly. She is champion sired and has 4 of the top Cavalier lines in her pedigree: Turretbank, Sheeba, Salador and Ravenrush. Very impressive indeed!



Recent Pictures

Sweet Pea has the longest ears and excellent confirmation!


Sweet Pea is retired and is living with a good friend of ours in Jacksonville.

BAH Master Cody of Kingston

Cody was my first male Cavalier. He is undoublty the sweetest thing in the world. He has such a gentle nature and shows everyone he meets how much he loves them! He is truly gorgeous and knows how to strut his stuff for the ladies. He has a wonderful pedigree that includes Sheeba, Telvara and Voncross.

Cody when we was younger.


Cody bonded quickly with Carly and Cami and the 3 became inseperable.

What a handsome boy! Cody was placed in a great home with another Cavalier male. I hear
they are the best buds!


Kiskurta-Kozi Hetti


Lexi was imported from Europe. She has an outstanding pedigree with both her parents and all four grandparents and all eight grandparents being champions. So her entire 3 generation pedigree is all champions! She is a gorgeous, sweet, bundle of joy!
Lexi is with the Swink family who has already purchased a tri male puppy. We are so pleased!


What an adorable puppy!

A truly elegant lady!


I've blossomed into a beautiful young lady! Lexi has been adopted by a family that purchased a puppy from us a couple of years ago. So she will have a male playmate!


Royal Court Damsel O'Castlemar

We so thrilled when we were given the opportunity to acquire Damsel.
She is so gorgeous and sweet! She is a Pascavale daughter with
13 champions in her 4 generation pedigree. Damsel was adopted by the
Knowles family! We are so happy about that as they had purchased a tri male
puppy from me a couple of years ago. Damsel and Tripp will be great friends!


What a cute puppy!

What a beauty!

So elegant!

Damsel was also adopted by a family who adopted a pup from us a few years ago. So she too will have a male playmate!


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