Celebrity Adopters

Our first celebrity adopter is Ric and Tiffany Flair!!
In total they have purchased 4 puppies!! This is the first puppy. It was purchased as a Christmas gift for Ric's youngest daughter, Ashley.
I have to say they are the NICEST couple!
Very down to earth and friendly!! I am so glad I got the opportunity
to meet them!

December 06

What a good looking couple!

Tiffany, Louie, Ric and me.

This is Ashley (Ric's daughter) and Louie! Match made in Heaven. :o)

What a gorgeous coat!!

Reid & Ashley Flair with Tebow and Louie.

June 07
Ric's oldest daughter, Megan purchased a ruby male from me.
It was so nice to meet her and I got to see Tiffany again. These gals are just too sweet!

Tiffany and Megan
Wilson (Tiffany's long haired Chihuahua) and Fletcher

Megan and me

July 07

Ric purchased a cute black and tan male for himself. What a wonderful Dad to let his girls get theirs first!! His name is Naitch for "Nature Boy" of course!

The one and only "Nature Boy" with "Naitch"!

Tiffany, Ric and me.

I have to reiterate these are the nicest down to Earth
people you would ever want to meet. Ric is such a super
sweet guy and Tiffany is gorgeous on the outside and inside!

November 2008

Ric Flair's son Reid purchased an adorable tri female. Reid is
following in his Dad's footsteps and will be the next greatest wrestler.
He is such a sweetie!


Louie and Nyla

Louie, Nyla and Tebow